Although he’s had a complicated season with Inter Milan, Geoffrey Kondogbia – the Italian club’s star signing last summer – opened up about his personal situation in a two-page interview published in the sporting magazine L’Equipe on 19 april 2016. Whilst he doesn’t seem particularly worried about his performance since the start of the season, the former RC Lens and AS Monaco midfielder explains that, in Italy, he’s still considered “as a ray of hope, because here, when people talk about me, they talk more about the future than the present.” »

During his long interview (two hours) with journalist Anthony Clément, the international took the time to talk about leaving the French team and his probable absence from Euro 2016. «“I can understand being left out of the squad. A lot of players have come onto the scene, including in my position. It’s not a problem (…) I’ve got five caps; matches as a first-team player where I made a good impression. But I have never taken the Euros for granted”.».

Geoffrey Kondogbia


However, whilst he may understand manager Didier Deschamps’ decision not to call him up for the Blues, he doesn’t want to miss the Champions League next season. “My family takes the mickey ’cause I tend not to watch the matches. I especially avoid watching C1 matches, because that really gets me worked up. You tell yourself, God, you want so badly to play there. I miss it, because I want to feel that excitement again. That’s why I’m playing for Inter (…). To miss out on the C1 line-up twice… that would start to grate a bit”. Currently fourth in the Italian Serie A, just 4 points behind the team in position 3 (AS Roma), Inter, like Geoffrey, dream of winning the Champions League next year.

“I’ve gone from zero to hero in the eyes of the fans”, continues Geoffrey, who is poised to bounce back again, “so I’m not worried. At 23, I’ve come to accept these things. I can now take a step back and look at things in a broader perspective.”

Photo credit : FC inter Milan 

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